Doctor Who – Photo Gallery

The following collection of rare and unseen illustrations. collected from the photographic archives of the universe, was originally scheduled for inclusion in Eclectic Gypsy. Unfortunately, difficulties in obtaining the necessary reproduction rights saw them returned to the archives.  Click on the thumbnail for the best effect.

What does sunlight feel like?
The 10th Doctor takes a well-earned rest
The Special Weapons Dalek visiting Planet Earth
The Seventh Doctor with his trademark umbrella
The Emperor Dalek leads a patrol on Skaro
The Emperor Dalek attacks
The Doctor's sonic screwdriver goes AWOL
Sea Devil on dry land
K9 prepares for action
Ice Warrior advancing
Davros, deep in contemplation
Davros plotting
an Ice Warrior, yesterday
An Axon assaults suburbia
Aggedor, the Monster of Peladon
A Zygon, sighted near Loch Ness
A pair of Yeti, London
A man's best friend is his Tin Dog
A juvenile Sea Devil with its human handler
A Cyber patrol
101 Uses for a decommissioned TARDIS

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