10 Years of Fruits de Mer – The Incomplete Angler

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Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Fruits de Mer Records, The Incomplete Angler is the official label history, featuring over 300 pages of psychedelic, space rock, Kozmic and utterly uncategorizable madness from the annals of the most collectible record label of the 21st Century.

Packed with new interviews with over fifty musicians, collectors, associates and more, The Incomplete Angler discusses (almost) every record in the Fruits de Mer stable, from “Theme One” to “The Same Sun,” from Strange Fish to Goldfish, from Bracken Records to Brainticket covers.

Exclusive front cover art by Gregory Curvey (the Luck of Eden Hall).

Plus a full label discography and checklist, a sixty year time line of classic FdM cover versions, and illustrations of some of the rarest, weirdest and most fabulous FdM colectibles of all.

Words of wisdom from Alison O’Donnell, Us and Them, Astralasia, the Pretty Things, Fuchia, Beau, Bordellos, Mordecai Smyth, the Soft Hearted Scientists, the bevis Frond, Sendelica, Black Tempest, Sky Picnic, the Chemistry Set, Schizo Fun Addict, Beautify Junkyards, Stay, Octopus Syng, Jay Tausig, the Seventh Ring of Saturn, the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Crystal Jacqueline, Ilona V, Cary Grace, Chris Lambert, Anton Barbeau, Vespero, Jack Ellister, Me and My Kites, Judy Dyble, Hausfrauen Experiment, King Penguin, Language of Light, the Luck of Eden Hall, the Past Tense, Zeuk, Mark and the Clouds, the Gathering Grey, the Loons, Higher State and more!

Published March 13, 2018, price $35

Record Collector 5/2018 – review by Oregano Rathbone




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