In January 1976, a double live album was released that changed the face of the music industry forever. “Frampton Comes Alive” was released, said its maker, as a stop-gap between studio albums, a discographical makeweight to preserve a live show that had been developing for five years. Four months later, it was #1; ten weeks later, it was still there. “Frampton Comes Alive” ultimately became the biggest selling album of the year, the most successful live album of all time. And that, says Frampton, is when everything changed. “All of a sudden, all these people saw that one record or one artist could sell that many records in one go, and they got interested in the corporate world. That’s when all the big mergers started, that’s when all of that started.”

Peter Frampton – The Ultimate Listening Guide is the story not only of this remarkable album, but also of the career that led up to it – and fought to exist in its aftermath. It traces Frampton from his earliest days with the Preachers and Moon Train, proteges of Bill Wyman; through his first taste of mega success as “the Face of 68,” fronting the Herd; his dream of joining the Small Faces and its partial fruition with Humble Pie. 

From Frampton’s Camel to the Sergeant Pepper movie; from “I’m In You” to Ringo’s All Star Band, and onto the Guitar Circus that took the live circuit by storm in 2013, and packed with exclusive interviews, including Bill Wyman, Steve Marriott, Jerry Shirley and, of course, Frampton himself, “Peter Frampton – the Ultimate Listening Guide” is the story of one of the most extraordinary careers in rock history.


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