Out Now – the Ultimate Listening Guide volumes 1-14

Out now! An entire herd of fun little e-books about a few of our favorite pop stars! Fire up your reader and groove a little!

The Ultimate Listening Guide is a series of short (approx 40 page) guides to the lives, times and most crucial recordings by a wide range of artists.

Many are based around exclusive interviews featuring the artist’s own recollections and reactions to his or her unfolding career, and are packed with both personal information and key collector’s data.

All just $2.99 from Barnes & Noble Nook

For the past thirty years, author Dave Thompson has been a contributor to a variety of collectors publications, including Goldmine, DISCoveries, Record Collector, Spiral Scratch, Live Music Review, Big O and British Punk Collector. He is also editor of the long-running Goldmine record price guides.

Titles in this series include (click to purchase)

Eric Clapton

The Clash

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Peter Frampton (coming soon)

Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac

George Harrison

Robyn Hitchcock

Bob Marley & the Wailers

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

Joe Meek

Mothers of Invention
Mike Oldfield

Status Quo

Thin Lizzy



One thought on “Out Now – the Ultimate Listening Guide volumes 1-14

  1. HI Dave,

    Just started reading your book London’s Burning, made me laugh (chapter 5 page 2) about you climbing up the drainpipe at the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth. in 1975.
    I went to school in Bournemouth 1966-1971 and we all climbed up the drainpipe but we choose the mens rooms instead. Saw loads of band that way, Deep Purple,Pink Floyd, Allmans,T-Rex, Genisis…
    The Winter Gardens were knocked down about a decade ago, I wanted to selvage that dainpipe but I live in the USA now so thst did not happen.
    Moved back to London and used to go to the Roundhouse, I remember the hippies selling the food and seeing the Feelgoods also was at the Stones concert at Earls Court

    I will read some of your other books.



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