Coming in March 2013 – Doctor Who FAQ


All That’s Left To Know About The Most Famous Time Lord In The Universe

Unless you live underwater, in a cave surrounded by hostile descendents of the Macra, armed with sufficient silver foil to blot out all communications from the surface, you will know that 2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of Doctor Who.

It also marks the publication of the Doctor Who FAQ, a 338 page book that may not be literally larger on the inside (or even smaller on the outside), but is jam packed with facts, features, fun and fotos (I love alliteration) celebrating half a century of time and space travel with the man we know only as the Doctor.

Doctor Who?

Well, that’s one of the frequently-asked questions you’ll find asked in the Doctor Who FAQ.

Available in March from all good retailers.  And probably a few bad ones, too.




Clara Oswin Oswald – Jenna-Louise Coleman (born April 27, 1986)

The Ponds are swept out of the picture by the Weeping Angels, projected back into a past from which the Doctor (for reasons that don’t actually make any sense within the show’s own parameters) cannot retrieve them.  They are replaced in his hearts by Clara, aka Miss Montague, a wide-eyed Victorian lass whose resemblance to Oswin Oswald, a space invader the Doctor first encountered on the Daleks’ prison planet (Asylum of the Daleks, 2012) is noted only when the Doctor visits her grave and discovers her full name.

How the two (or more) are related is, at the time of writing, one of the surprises that will unravel throughout the show’s fiftieth anniversary season.  But having already died twice in just two appearances in the show – presumably vaporized when the prison planet exploded, and then dropped from a vast height towards the end of The Snowmen, it is clear that Clara is destined to prove one of the Doctor’s most resourceful assistants yet.

She is also, clearly, dynamite in disguise.  Sharp-witted, relentless and utterly disrespectful to the man she has already christened “chin boy,” Clara’s official debut in the show was marred only by the unforgivably lazy, not to mention lachrymose, manner in which the monsters responsible for her demise were eliminated.  No matter how upset a room full of people may be, and no matter what the date is, a family shedding tears on Christmas Eve is not, and will never be, any defense against an alien invasion. And if you don’t believe me, watch the seven Christmas specials that preceded The Snowmen.

No matter.  Armed with the kind of unself-conscious vivacity that no assistant since Rose Tyler has been able to summon, Clara dignified The Snowmen in a manner that allows us to enter Year Fifty with one certainty.  No matter what the future may hold in store for her, one fact is irrefutable.  At least she wasn’t another redhead.  The TARDIS hates them you know.


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